Corgis Begging for Food Inspired a Great Dog-Friendly Charcuterie Board

Do all dogs beg for food? LOL! Our dogs will flee when that fridge opens. They want a snack. TikTok user @hammyandolivia helps because they usually can't consume what we do.

After months of being denied food at his owner's parties, this adorable Corgi and his owner came up with a dog-friendly charcuterie board. It looks tasty enough for the whole family.



Ordering this cookbook now. LOL! This dog is right—both people and floofs can appreciate this. Hammy is our saviour!

@lauran20032 said Hammy is the quality control king and proud of it. Be proud! He solved the problem for all food-refused dogs. Now they may share our plates!



I love this!” said @lauralilixx. Heroes don't wear capes!
“How much is Chef Hammy?” inquired @ladyandtheblues on TikTok.

Hammy should be our chef, not the cookbook. His excellent meal will pay him. LOL!

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