Colors to Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Red

Due to the fiery and impulsive nature of those born under the sign of Aries, they are best represented by a hue that is bold.

Taurus: Green

However, according to Hayes, a pine green colour "will not only assist quiet their minds and spirits, but will also encourage their growth and development." 

Gemini: Yellow

If you are friends with a Gemini, you are aware of how sociable and entertaining they are. Yellow is their go-to hue due to their upbeat and cheerful disposition. 

Cancer: Sky Blue

This sign is the quintessential homebody of the zodiac, according to Hayes, so "their soothing influence would constantly be magnified if they were wearing blue."



Leo: Orange

It's not only Geminis who express their cheerful moods via their attire. "As the zodiac's strong and royal showmen, Leos are constantly trying to make a statement."

Virgo: Gray

The zodiac's perfectionists may be highly intense and perhaps intimidating to others around them.

Libra: Light Pink

Libras strive for equilibrium and seek comfort in all situations. As a result, their power attire is a subdued, mellow shade of pink. 

Scorpio: Black

Because of their affinity for darkness and secrecy, it's a no-brainer that Scorpio's hue is black.



Sagittarius: Purple

The zodiac's explorers are always on the move, whether they're exploring a new place, attempting a new pastime, or meeting new people. 

Capricorn: Navy Blue

Since Capricorns are serious and business-minded, they flourish when surrounded by colours that reflect their professionalism. 

Aquarius: Aqua

Aquarians are profound thinkers who care profoundly about social concerns and often want to influence others using the colour aqua. 

Pisces: Lavender

They devote a great deal of energy to helping others and pursuing their own goals, therefore they need a great deal of rest to recharge and revitalise

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