'Co-Parenting' Cat Makes Internet Go Crazy

On January 12, Aysha Clever (@ayshaclever) posted a video of Cheeto, a ginger tabby, "co-parenting" her kittens with Mellow, a white cat who recently had kittens of her own.

The baby daddy reveal—Moose, a brown tabby—caught TikTokers' attention. The "lovely blended family" received over 1.1 million views and 240,000 likes on social media.

According to Cats Protection, unspayed female cats can have 18 kittens a year . If your cat gets pregnant unexpectedly, you can prepare for the litter.

How to Handle an Unexpectedly Pregnant Cat

Cheeto embraces Mellow and grooms her kittens in the video. She also carries the newborns in her mouth to her own kittens, who are sleeping in a bed around the corner.

Cats Are Better Co-Parents

Next, Mellow pulls one of Cheeto's orange offspring from a water bowl. In another, both women gather their kids and cuddle in the closet.

Clever showed Moose to answer queries regarding Cheeto and Mellow's father.

"To answer some misconceptions," she wrote beneath the video. "Both litters had the same father, and the 3 parents co-parented the 5 kittens."

"It takes a village," said TikTok user kristal rey.
"Sister Wives cats edition?" asked CuteKatie85.
"It's a triple relationship," wrote SpicySweet247.

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