Choose the right gemstone for your zodiac sign.


Venus rules Taurus. Tauruses should wear diamonds, Venus's gemstone. Taureans' inventiveness and desire for luxury come from the planet's cosmic energy.


Mercury rules Geminis intellectually. Panna benefits from her Mercury-ruled emerald. It boosts their thinking, which may cause nerve diseases.


Warning planet Moon controls Cancerians. Pearls are for waxing planet-moons. Like Earth, Cancerians are emotional, therefore "Pearls" soothe them.


Ruby is Leo's sunstone. Leos are inherently dominating. Extreme aspirations deplete hormones and brains. Ruby (Manik) stones in copper or gold rings should bridge the gap.


Venus rules Libra second. This zodiac sign's natives are creative but also emotionally unstable.


Mars rules Scorpios. Scorpions may think deeply and have lots of energy. Excess energy causes premature aging and mental and physical exhaustion. Red coral is advised.


Jupiter gives Sagittarians ambition, hard labor, and adventure. Sagittarians are farsighted and hardworking, but too much of either typically causes issues. 


Saturn-ruled Capricorns are forceful and aspire to conquer the world. Thus, they exhaust themselves.


They are distinct minds. Aquarius often become performers, models, or entertainers. Aquarius is quite private.


Jupiter rules Pisces. Pisces people like cerebral and spiritual things. They are intelligent and always busy. Good yellow sapphire (pukhraj)

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