Cat's Sad Refusal to Leave Mom

Chase held on to his mom for dear life.
We can't stand to leave our pets behind. Even if it's just to go to the store, we get sad because, well, we always want them with us. 

When you're leaving for a few days, it's hard to say goodbye. Even though they know it's coming, it still breaks your heart.

This is exactly what happened to @dontstopmeowing on TikTok. She had to catch a flight, so she said goodbye to her cat, Chase, for the last time.



He was giving her a very tight hug. When you see this, your heart will break into pieces because we've all been there.

Poor little Chase! He couldn't stand to see his mother getting ready to leave. We don't know how she wasn't crying because we're sobbing here and it's not even our cat!

@m3mesboi said, "I'm crying so hard because he said 'No,'" and he was right. SAME! And he said no, for sure. He couldn't stand the idea of being alone one day.



 How could she treat him that way! @tikkimarie also said, "Right away, I'd cancel my flight." Who needs to go somewhere when you have a cute, loving cat at home?

@ramblinjenny, another TikToker, wrote, "They really are our children." And we wouldn't have it any other way!

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