Cats bring                luck!

the "sixth sense" of cats. They appear to know more than we think... After several hours away, the cat is likely to be waiting at the door when we return. 

Lucky charm:
 Egyptians believed a live cat could protect people from all evil.

Good for harvesting: In many rural parts of Europe, people thought that cats were necessary for a good crop. So they were treated with lots of care and respect.

The appearance of a cat sitting with her back to the fire was seen as a harbinger of impending cold weather.

Sailors believed a ship with a cat, especially a black one, was lucky. However, many believed saying "cat" out loud was bad.

Good for baby: Russians believed that placing a cat in a cradle kept evil spirits away.

Look into my eyes—ancient Chinese believed cats could sense time.  Egyptians believed cat eyes reflected light and protected mankind from darkness and suffering.

Black cats also brought riches. If a person found a black cat with a white hair and could take it  getting scratched, they would get rich and find love.

Good fortune: In ancient China, cats symbolized riches and longevity. Cat's Chinese name, Mao, means 80 years.

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