Cats and Dogs: compatible?

Golden Retrievers are people-pleasers, so if having a cat makes you happy, they will too.

Basset Hounds are "low-key," making them ideal cats. They won't grieve over their new pet like the Golden Retriever, but they'll be harder to train.

If you have two or more beagles, they may acquire a "pack mentality" and chase the cat.

Rover says pugs are nice and enjoy other animals. They adore attention and can find a cat companion reassuring while their owners are gone.

They're courageous and won't allow a cat bully them because they're little.

Gentle big Labradors. Because they're patient and tolerant, they're terrific with youngsters and cats.

Maltese dogs are cat-friendly. Rover suggests observing them as they get to know each other so the cat doesn't take advantage of the sweet Maltese.

Rover says the Boston Terrier is good with cats since it's amiable and easy to teach.

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