Cat Reacts to Heating Pad

I think this cat is having a bit too much fun. In the words of many pet owners, "I would do anything for my pet." 

Our dogs are like our children; we do whatever for their happiness and strive to make their lives as easy as possible. 

It includes giving them the heating pad we bought to help ourselves feel better if they really need it.

By the looks of the cat owned by @Its jabent on TikTok after he tried out the heating pad, we'd have a hard time pulling it away from him, too.



We can't help but wonder whether catnip has been added to this heating pad. For example, @Sy may comment, "Dudes behaving like he's never experienced warm before."

A lot of saliva is coming out of this guy's mouth. After receiving its first deep tissue massage, he has begun to behave almost normally. 

Me when I mix a heating pad and extra strong Tylenol, @Lacrimosa quips hysterically. The tweeter @Annika chimes in, "You may have to call him toast after he's done since he's going to look toasted."

If you don't turn him at the halfway point, he won't be cooked all the way through, as warned by @CMS. LOL!



As the cat flipped over, @Its Jabent gave a humorous update.

There's absolutely no balancing him out. He's really unwinding by drinking wine in a hot tub while watching Real Housewives and waiting for Chinese food delivery service Door Dash to show up.

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