Cat Asks Woman To Go Home On Busy Street

Daniel, a Bronx animal rescuer, saw a little ball of orange fluff in a crowded precinct parking lot and knew he had to investigate. The orange cat appeared and ran to him as he approached her.

Daniel comforted the cat and called his rescue partner, Suzy, who started Saving Belladonna.

“He called and said, ‘There's this really slim, incredibly nice ginger cat,'” Suzy told The Dodo. “I drove over.”

At the busy one-way street, Suzy didn't recognise the orange lump of fur was a cat.

“Because she was so skinny,” Suzy replied. Suzy whistled and the cat looked up at her. Like Daniel, the cat ran to Suzy.

The orange cat rubbed against Suzy's legs and asked to be petted within seconds of meeting her. After petting the cat, Suzy placed her cat carrier next to it.

Suzy tried to put the cat in the carrier, but she scared her and she ran away. The cat returned shortly, surprising Suzy.

The rescuer placed some wet cat food in the carrier's rear and waited for the cat to enter. Suzy closed the door once the cat relaxed into the container.

That day, Suzy quarantined the cat in a large, sunlit bathroom at a foster home. She petted and named the cat.

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