Irish Setter

They love playing fetch with kids and pleasing adults because to their pleasant, gentle disposition. Their silky, reddish coats are very noteworthy.

Brussels Griffon

It's a toy-group dog, not a monkey! Brussels Griffons trust you since they're smart and suspicious of strangers. They're not good with small children or other dogs.

French Bulldog

Families adore Frenchies! These cute dogs are also great watchdogs. They adore making new acquaintances, but they always prioritize their owners.

Great Pyrenees

They are quiet but protective. They're protective and may perform better with older children and adults.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards care after youngsters and are patient. They are friendly to strangers and other dogs yet loyal to their owners.


Instead of riding fire engines, dalmatians cuddle with their family. Those polka-dots are irresistible.


Huge ears. Sweet eyes. small legs. Corgis are adorable. You can adopt a Pembroke or Cardigan.

Australian Cattledogs

Aussie worker dogs are clever, loyal, and active. 

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