Best Zodiac Matches for Love

If you seek in the correct places, finding real compatibility and enduring love is easier. Some zodiac signs go well with others. Use the best match to your benefit.

Ram Aries

Fire sign Aries may be impulsive. Best ram matches:

Bull Taurus

Taurus combines well with earth and water signs.

Gemini twins

Air sign Gemini wants to explore life and new ideas. Air and fire signs suit Geminis well.

Crab Cancer

Cancer retreats inside its shell when confronted. Cancer's finest matches:

Lion Leo

Leo is fire and wants attention. Best matches:

Virgin Virgo

Earth-sign Virgo craves order in a chaotic environment. This sign values home and purpose. Best Virgo matches:

Scales Libra

Libra, an air sign, loves beauty and sensuality. Best matches:

The Scorpion

Scorpios speak sharply. This sign wants an emotional partner. Scorpio's finest matches:

Centaur Sagittarius

Air and fire signs are best for Sagittarius. Best Sagittarius matches:

Goat Capricorn

Capricorn is a homebody. Best match signs include:

Water-bearer Aquarius

Aquarius wants mental challenges and variety. Air and fire signs match best:


Earth and water signs complement Pisces. Pisces loves:

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