Best Milkshakes Worldwide

Black Tap

Black Tap, a NYC burger and beer joint, now has outposts in Disneyland and Las Vegas. I suppose people go there for more than drinks and burgers.


Naughty Boy Cafe in Melbourne serves breakfast and lunch. Their meal seems nice, but I'd opt for their milkshakes.

Garage 51

Pork-free Garage 51 in Kuala Lumpur serves amazing milkshakes. I don't know how many people visit Malaysia, but this is another reason to go!

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium near Universal City Walk in Orlando makes delicious milkshakes. A thick milkshake may be shared by 3–4 persons. Their food is good.

coffee club

The foyer of our Bangkok hotel houses the Coffee Club. We were surprised to find these amazing shakes at the hotel cafe.

Benjamin Browns

Singapore's Forum Shopping Centre Benjamin Browns has the best milkshakes. A long-lost buddy contacted me in Singapore. 

Eis Cafe

Eis Cafe in Birmingham, Alabama is huge. Their Facebook page shows larger milkshakes!

Shakes and Creme Cakes

Creme Cakes and Shakes in Southend-on-Sea, east of London, covers milkshakes in cakes. Great concept. Most like cake.

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