Zodiac Signs That Are Best Friends

Astrology can help you find a compatible buddy as well as a loving partner. Friendships enrich our lives in ways that real love cannot.


Aries wants enthusiastic pals. They're busy and don't chat about their emotions until you get to know them.


Taureans hate hearing this, but this rising sign is stubborn. They can be shy and protective when making new pals. 


Gemini connects simply. The Twins love trying new things but sometimes forget about their longtime besties, so keeping them around is hard.


These delicate crabs have a firm skin and struggle to open. They need tons of encouragement from peers.


Fiery Leos lose many pals. They're difficult and love attention. Leos are your go-to friends for amusement. 


When making new pals, these careful animals can be judgmental. But only because Virgos know that good connections take time and are worth the effort. 


Libras, symbolized by the Scales, prefer calm relations. They want approval. Libras, ruled by Venus, are great speakers and often mediate conflicts for their peers. 


Scorpios have many friends. They are strong, loyal, and best friends. However, they can be ruthless and end unhelpful connections. 


Sagittarius seeks last-minute adventurers.


Straight-talking Capricorn has no time for fickle alliances. Stay with them or get left behind.


Aquarius is a humanist. They view everyone as a buddy without grades.


Pisces, symbolized by fish and the water, is emotional and needs people who are sensitive. Pisces likes to hug and give advise. 

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