Before travelling to Mars, astronauts must tour "hellish" Venus

According to scientists, Venus is a better destination for a manned expedition to another planet than Mars.

Mars may receive the most attention, but it is not the nearest planet; therefore, travelling by a nearby planet might yield crucial scientific data and reduce the transit time to Mars.

"NASA's current paradigm is moon to Mars. We're attempting to justify Venus as an extra destination on that road."

Venus could be home to alien life

The presence of ammonia, a frequent byproduct of aquatic creatures, has prompted speculation that alien bacteria may exist in the clouds of Earth.

Therefore, a hypothetical trip to the planet may include rovers, drones, and balloons for additional exploration.

There is every reason to expect that Venus will be a never-ending paradise of alluring and fascinating landscapes and geological formations, according to a report.

Other scientists, however, have expressed scepticism over this allegation. If alien life existed on a planet, it would likely leave traces in its atmosphere as it consumes and lives.

"It is not a pleasant location to visit. It is a terrible environment, and the thermal problems for a human mission would be significant."

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