At Daycare, German Shepherd's Reaction Melts Hearts: "Mommy"

TikTok has over 313,000 views of a dog delighted to meet his owner. TikToker Lisa Meadows posted a video of a dog daycare center's front desk and a German shepherd dog leaving.

The caption read: "Picking up your #germanshepherd from daycare and they get a little thrilled to see you."

As the owner approaches the front desk, the dog sits against a fence, watching straight ahead. At the exit gate, the dog barks and whines at the camera.



"Was that him standing and staring at you immediately when you stepped through the door?" wondered TikTok user5840936027850. 

The original poster replied: "Sometimes I come in and don't say a thing and he smells me and jumps up like that lol."

According to International Journal of Comparative Psychology research, dogs use smell as "a key sensory modality." It's unclear how the dog in the current video knew his owner had come so soon.



"Dogs acclimated to a familiar odour and dishabituated to an unexpected odour," the study revealed using T-shirt-captured body odour.

If the human was truly there it would not be definite if the dog actually smelled the person most or might have heard some minor noise the person produced

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