Astronomical Signs and     Your Baby's Conduct

Whether you're expecting, new, or a few years into parenting, you probably wish there were guidelines to assist you handle the ups and downs.

Instead, you've undoubtedly been building your own parenting toolkit with advice from friends, family, professionals, even TikTok. But, your child is unique.

Zodiac Sign Discipline Tips

Based on their birth month and date, you know your child's sun sign. That's just one part of their birth chart. This chart shows heavenly bodies' positions.

Mars, the planet of movement and activity, controls Aries kids, who want to move, play, and be the greatest.



Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, values peace. They have a lengthy temper.


Your Gemini is a gregarious air sign dominated by Mercury, the planet of communication. Quiet or alone time might frustrate them. Misbehavior penalties


Crabs, controlled by the intuitive, emotional moon, are lovebugs who struggle to gain independence. When pushed to play, they can be cranky, grumpy, and misbehaved.


Leos, governed by the confident sun, are aggressive but so wedded to their likes and dislikes that they may act out when faced with change.

If they understand why, your Virgo child appreciates rules. Broccoli boosts health! Anticipate opposition.


Your Libra kid, an air sign ruled by Venus, the planet of serenity and beauty, may grow distracted, irritated, or even act out when given a tough task.



Your Scorpio, a water sign ruled by ambitious Mars and transformational Pluto, becomes even more resistant when faced with unfamiliar situations.


Your Sagittarius, governed by Jupiter, the planet of riches, wants everything and more. More playtime, that tasty food, or an activity they're too young for


Cap kids think of themselves as responsible, diligent little adults because Saturn rules their earth sign. If they were born to lead, they don't need you!


Your Aquarius, controlled by Uranus, the planet of change, likes research and fact-checking. They challenge every ruleā€”even more than the normal child.


Your Pisces, controlled by spiritual Neptune, is conflict-averse and daydreamy. Emotions and imagination may overwhelm them.

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