Astrology's Best Kissers: 6 Zodiac Signs

Aries kiss well. It's all about obtaining that sign from you that they're doing well—that will make them do better. Aries kisses are real. That kiss is their whole being.

1. Aries

Taurus loves kissing and lovemaking. Expect lengthy foreplay sessions. They kiss. It's just their nature. They like thrilling you with their kisses.

2. Taurus



Cancers are so warm and inviting that they're hard to resist. Kiss one! Cancer kisses are life-changing because they're pure love. This amazing symbol keeps you coming back.

3. Cancer

Leo wants to show you they can do everything. However, this sign takes over love and desire.

4. Leo



Scorpio won't kiss. Unless necessary. Kisses are anticipated in love. If they hate giving, what makes them good at it? It's challenging now.

5. Scorpio

Kiss a Sagittarius today to kiss a free spirit who doesn't care what you think. Make it good. You'll feel a different kiss—almost like being alone!

6. Sagittarius

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