Astrological Compatibility

 Fire plus Fire

You'll motivate each other. Co-traveling is fun! How can you balance hectic schedules and shifting interests? Multiple goals fatigue you.

Fire plus Earth

Encouraging earth signs ignite fires. Fire loosens stubborn dirt. Fire signs like innovation, while earth signs like tradition.

Fire plus Air

Air appreciates fire's wit and charm. Party life and smokeshow. Air fanning fire flames brightens and heats them swiftly! This may be two-sided.

Fire plus Water

If you can work together, these pairings may be hot. Fire's playfulness uplifts. Water can extinguish fires.

Earth plus Earth

Earth dominates the tangible world, therefore family and finances are your priority. You both like supporting others emotionally. Responsibility may kill romance.

Earth plus Air

Air signs are amusing and may jolt Earth. Air may stop to smell the flowers due to sensual earth messages. Signs feature two "time zones."

Earth plus Water 

Water flows through safe earth signs. Status-conscious earth signs are inspired by shapeshifting water signs. Earth and water enjoy solitude. 

Air plus Air 

Free-flowing air signals like your action. Before you know it, you're taking skiing lessons and Airbnb-ing your apartments as digital nomads for a year. 

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