Astrologer's Zodiac Sign Cocktails

Bar ordering never gets easier. First, you have to choose a beer, wine, or booze night, then a brand or mixed drink. The options are endless. 


Bloody Marys fit Aries' energy. Ms. Charlotte compares the drink and fire sign because both have "acquired tastes" but are famous.


Ms. Charlotte thinks a Bellini suits Taurians because they like luxury. “Venus and the planet Ceres—named after fecundity goddesses—rule Taurus.


“The ever-popular Mojito encapsulates their fun, happy energy,” says Ms. Charlotte. 


Cancers enjoy sharing a pitcher of Sangria with their friends. "Cancer is the sign of the domestic sphere and is ruled by the ever-changing moon," says Ms. Charlotte.


Leos love IG Stories, and Aperol Spritzes are Instagram-worthy. “Aperol Spritzes are the star of the show, just like Leos,” Ms. Charlotte says. 


Virgos work hard, play hard. According to Ms. Charlotte, only a Espresso Martini can equal this vigor.


Libras are beautiful, and a vivid pink Cosmopolitan is irresistible. Carrie Bradshaw was a Libra. Enough said.


Complex Scorpios. Thus, Ms. Charlotte considers an Irish Coffee the most Scorpion. Irish Coffee is ice cream, sweet hot coffee, and Irish whisky, she says. 


Bring a Piña Colada, Sagittarius. “Sagittarius is the sign of travel and adventure, so it makes sense to have this cocktail as its mascot,” she said. 


Capricorns enjoy a Vodka Martini after a hard day at work.


Ms. Charlotte says Aquarians sip Dark ‘N’ Stormies because Uranus, the storm and lightning god, rules Aquarius. What's more unusual than bar-made ginger beer for an air sign?


Pisces love a good time, and the Long Island Iced Tea, made with four hard liquors, always delivers. Ms. Charlotte calls this beverage the Pisces of drinks.

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