Astrologers' Foodiest Zodiac Sign

Eating food you adore is the best. Food isn't simply food—it's an experience. Some folks will try anything, love cooking, or know the best restaurants in town. Dislike food. 


Pisces are romantics who love to indulge. They spoil their loved ones with food. They love snacking and trying new meals, so they're always up for eating.


Gourmet Capricorns. Astrologer and Ryan's Astrology CEO Ryan Marquardt tells Best Life that they enjoy high-end meals but occasionally eat pizza or fast food. Earth sign dining is posh.


Sagittarius loves tasting new foods. Fire signs are foodies because they adore exploring other cultures.


These emotional water signs love feeding others and hope for reciprocity. Marquardt says cancers adore food.


Virgos are finicky, yet they'll try everything on the menu. Schmidt said they love trying new foods and eating at trendy restaurants. "They're critical but love food," she says.


Taurus are complicated and love the finer things in life. Earth signs respect food and structure their day around meals. They're the zodiac's largest gourmet since they rule food.

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