Astrologers Explain Your Cat's Zodiac Sign.

Forget what you've heard about all cats being cranky introverts—the truth is more intriguing. You know that your zodiac sign may reveal your characteristics, including your pet ownership style.


Aries cats are brave. "Independent and curious, 


This sign embodies the cat stereotype. "Taurus cats can be quite stubborn at times, refusing to budge from their chosen spot or protesting changes to their daily routine," says McGee. 

Gemini cats are curious, gregarious, and active. "Gemini cats love to explore new environments and toys, and they're never satisfied with the same old thing," McGee explains.



If you're searching for a cat who's devoted and affectionate, you'll find your perfect match in a Cancer.


Dramatic, active Leo cats. "They're the household kings and queens, royal and spotlight-loving. McGee says, "They need and enjoy human attention."

Independent Virgo cats want to stick to a schedule. Most days, your cat will be in charge!



Libra cats are attractive and social. These cats enjoy people and other animals and youngsters.


Scorpio cats are fierce and secretive, appearing unbiased at first.

Due to their carefree natures, these cats are simple to detect. "Sagittarius cats stand out with their independence and curiosity," says McGee.



Capricorn cats are honest. They're concentrated like humans. 


These cats' eccentricities will stand out. "Aquarius cats are truly one in a million," adds McGee. "They have unusual habits or preferences because they like being different."

This sign is excellent for a pet buddy that likes catnaps and cuddling all night. "Pisces cats are sensitive and empathetic, with a deep emotional connection to their humans," McGee explains.


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