Astrologer-Recommended Pizza Toppings

Pizza toppings express you. Classicist or risk-taker? Classic or contentious? Interests vary like people. This list shows each zodiac sign's preferred pizza topping.

Serve pizza. Popular toppings are hard. Preferences may make choosing between appetizing alternatives challenging. Astrologer Ms. Charlotte lets tourists choose pizza toppings by sun sign. 


Fighting Aries needs protein, particularly pepperoni. Ms. Charlotte said Aries like "spicy and compact so it can be eaten quickly before the run back into battle" and provides them energy.


Taureans like truffles. Ms. Charlotte believes truffles' earthy, nutty flavor compliments the tastiest pizzas. “Scarce and grown seasonally under difficult conditions.


“It’s important they pick a [topping] that nobody will argue about,” says Ms. Charlotte. “Tomato sauce base gives pizza sweetness and richness without alienating partygoers.”


Cheese pizza is the greatest comfort dish, thus Cancers enjoy it. “Cancer is the home and mother so they prefer a savory topping that is both comforting and rich,” explains Ms. Charlotte.


Leo's topping must be fit for the world's top predator. "The sweet, salty, and smoky flavor of bacon appeals to [Leos'] carnivorous instincts," explains Ms. Charlotte. Pizza thickens and colors.”


Virgos like their toppings to be functional, so arugula is perfect. The topping "compliments the sweet, rich sauce and heaviness of the meat" and is light.


According to Ms. Charlotte, Libras prefer toppings like caramelized onions to make pizza "cheap take-out to something more glamorous."


Scorpios like heat because Mars rules them. Chili—oil, sauce, or flakes—is the perfect sign topping. Ms. Charlotte thinks Scorpios may spice up a dull pizza with pain.


Sagittarius eats experimentally. Shrimp, fire signs' favorite topping, signifies wanderlust. Shrimp/prawns provide European flair to seafood pizza, according to Ms. Charlotte. Sags desire.

Capricorns like olives in dirty martinis. Ms. Charlotte believes the "distinct salty and tangy topping adds flavor to the pizza without making it too expensive or excessive," and Capricorns love money.

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Pineapple on pizza doesn't bother Aquarians. “Rebellion, revolution, chaos, weirdness, and the unexpected,” says Ms. Charlotte, draw people to the contentious topping. 


Anchovies are a natural pizza topping for Pisces, the fish sign. 

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