As inflation rises, these 10 states are the cheapest to live in.


Arkansas is The Natural State, but sometimes you need a burger. Hot Springs' McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese costs $4.13, 30% less than in New York City. 


Easy driving through the Crossroads of America. Bloomington is half the price of Lafayette for tyre balancing.They're 20% cheaper than in California.

West Virginia

In Seattle, where it wouldn't be "Southern" fried chicken, it's half the price per pound. Morgantown's frying oil costs half as much as up north.


Apartments are affordable in Ames, a college town. Nice two-bedrooms cost under $1,000 per month. In Austin, Texas, college tuition is 50-60% more. 


Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis homes are bargains. Show Me State home prices are half those in Boston.


Nashville pricing are sweet. Stamford eggs cost $1 more. Memphis bananas cost 25% less than Boston bananas for your Elvis Presley-style fried peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwich.


Georgia peaches cost 30% less than Southern California peaches. Coca-hometown Cola's costs 20% cheaper per litre than Wilmington, Delaware. 


Birmingham homes cost less than a third of Anaheim homes. Think you're seeing things? Alabama optometrists cost 30% less than Vero Beach eye doctors.


Manhattan, Kansas has 25% cheaper grocery store ribeye steaks than Manhattan, New York. Midwestern Manhattan is about one-sixth as expensive as the famed island out east.


Meridian, Mississippi, housing costs half as much as Bozeman, Montana. Everything else is cheaper

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