Arrogant Zodiac Signs? Are You Arrogant?

1) Taurus
Taurus is the most arrogant sign since they're obstinate and full of themselves. Even if you disagreed with them, they are so strong-willed and unyielding.

2) Leo
Haughty LeoLeo's shallowness is well-known. These locals have large egos because they desire to appear nice and be the focus of attention.

3) Virgo
 Virgos have large egos and only care about their own opinions. 

4) Cancer
Cancer may not seem arrogant, but don't discount it.

5) Sagittarius
Sagittarius people are talkative and might occasionally claim the status of "world's greatest authority on everything."

6) Aries
Aries' impatience and strong feeling of self may be scary. Knowing they have influence over a situation might also make someone behave maliciously.

They're not wicked while seeming devious. They're so concentrated on their own business that they don't recognize when someone else needs support...

They are well-intentioned yet think they know everything, which gives them bravery....

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