Are Aquariuses Compatible in Love and Friendship?

Stars can help when life gets complex. Your zodiac sign can help you make sense of tough situations, understand your needs and inclinations, and move forward on your journey.

Revolution, righting wrongs, and helping their community excite this Saturn-ruled sign. They defy convention. They're happiest there.

Aquarius appreciates creativity, justice, and humanity. Aquarius's best doesn't require political involvement. 

The Water Bearer symbolizes Aquarius for good reason. Life itself comes from the Water Bearer. This sign represents Aquarius' community love and detachment.

Aquariuses are sensitive and need praise for excellent efforts. The Water Bearer symbolizes Aquarius' balance. They must reconcile self-care with world-saving. 

Aquarius, the last air sign of the zodiac, embodies air sign traits.
Air signs, like Aquarius, are passionate. They may be elusive dreamers.

Air signs move things. They love new things and can communicate big and tiny concepts. Aquarius and other air signs can provide inspiration, strong opinions, and new knowledge. 

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