Anti-Diet Zodiac Sign Nutrition Advice


Eat like Mars. Eat firmly. Gallagher: "From a food perspective, I want you to feel supported on all your adventures." Eat protein or fiber every meal for energy.


The most sensual indicator, you always feel. Thus, environment, aroma, and presentation may make a meal as delightful as the food. Gallagher advises enjoying great food. 


Eat like your sign? "Rigid diet rules are typically not going to fly for a Gemini," Gallagher explains. Instead of meal-planning or cooking, purchase everyday if your taste changes.


Because Cancer controls the midsection—including the breasts, ribs, and womb—you may instinctively need to feel comfortable and secure when eating. Your nutritional gesture is comfort: 


Leo, a fixed fire sign, brings warmth to the celebration, thus Gallagher matched heart with hearth. "It's all about food as a means for celebration and gathering," Gallagher explains. 


Since Virgo oversees the digestive system, nutrition probably matters to you. Your analytical nature may make food numbers: 


Your sign, symbolized by the scales, loves balance—including in your diet. Gallagher suggests eating regularly and choosing blood-sugar-balancing meals like whole grains and healthy fats.


Scorpio governs colon transformation like Virgo. "With Scorpio, the focus is on helping the body transform food into energy,"


Gallagher states, "Sagittarius is mutable fire—fire on the move." Sagittarian food."Nutritional exploration might involve trying new foods and incorporating them into your diet.


Saturn, your slow-moving ruler, encourages endurance. To reflect your hard work principles, you should also focus on sustenance in your diet.


If you almost skipped your part believing you already know what's best for you, you may be right. Aquarius was never a rule-follower, so eating autonomously may be preferable.


Heading 2

Mutable water signs. "Try giving yourself unconditional freedom to eat what you'd like to eat, and see how that changes your relationship with food," Gallagher recommends.

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