American Cuisine

American cuisine is a melting pot of chicken, wheat, maize, and bread. Pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, and pot pies are the most famous. Locality-based cuisine definitions are diverse. 

Northeast dishes 

considering its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Lobster rolls and seafood chowder are famous for using lobsters and clams.

Midwestern food

The Midwest  produces wheat, corn, and soy. Bread pudding, Chicago deep dish pizza, and sandwiches are typical Midwestern foods, reflecting its shared resources.

Southern food

Texas, Florida, and Tennessee foods are heavier and fried or barbecued. Barbeque, fried chicken, and brisket burgers are Southern classics due to corn, rice, and chicken.

Apple Pie 

Apple pie, thought to have been carried over by European immigrants, has become a staple of American cuisine.


"Hamburger Steak Sandwich," 1890s favorite. In 1935, Louis Ballast of Denver, Colorado received the cheeseburger trademark.  Most American restaurants provide cheeseburgers.

Biscuits and Gravy 

Comfort food is carbohydrates plus carbs. Biscuits and gravy, white sausage gravy over hot biscuits, is a southern morning staple.

Cheese macaroni 

Since "The Virginia Housewife" in the 1800s, chefs have been reinventing macaroni and cheese. Mac & cheese is a crowd-pleaser, from babies to chefs.

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