America power because Mike Strahan

TV and football star Michael Strahan. For 15 years, he used his height and strength to block opponents' offenses. NFL record 22.5 sacks. 

After retiring, he hosted and co-hosted talk shows, football analysis shows, and gameshows. He excelled in sitcom and movie guest roles. He launched men's clothing and wrote a bestseller.

Michael Anthony Strahan was born in Houston, Texas, on November 21, 1971. He moved to Manheim, West Germany, with his father, Gene Willie Strahan, an Army major.

Defensive end at Texas Southern University. Strahan dominated the scrimmage line as a senior for Texas Southern, blitzing offensive lines and frightening quarterbacks.

The 1993 NFL draft saw the New York Giants draft him in the second round. He took a few seasons to adjust to NFL life and become a Giants starter.

He and Eli Manning helped win the 2007 championship game against the unbeaten New England Patriots. Giants win Super Bowl after 20 years.

Since 1982, Michael Strahan has had the most sacks in a season with 22.5 in 2001. His 141.5 sacks rank fifth in NFL history.

Strahan married twice. His first marriage to Wanda Hutchins (1992–1996) produced Michael and Tanita. Sophia and Isabelle are his Jean Muggli daughters. Bitterly divorced in 2006.

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