Amazon Worker's Truck Is Crawled Into by Huge Dog.

@ambergirts, an Amazon worker on TikTok, spotted something unexpected in her vehicle while delivering items. Unusual, but a wonderful surprise.

She let a dog in via the back door. HA! It seems this dog is ready to assist deliver. Watch this humorous footage that swiftly gained over 7 million views!

O.M.G. This will be the finest workday ever! We would instantly drive home and keep that fluffy, sweet boy. LOL! @audeamuscosplay noted, "That tiny tail wag when you pronounced them nice!"



It's nice to hear this dog's cuteness from someone else! @datingdisney said, "He's your supervisor now." What a great boss. 

We bet he approves many snack breaks a day! @chrismotionless said, "He simply wants to know if you need any help...parallel barking." HA!

Many delivery employees have experienced this. @claytonkinney1 commented,



"I had a dog that would constantly come in my FedEx van and knew just where the dog goodies were stored 

And would sit and wait until I gave him a reward." LOL! That's really adorable!

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