A Kitten's Search for a Best Friend

Charlie Hernan, from Devon, southwest England, reveals in the viral TikTok film that one of her cats died, so she got a new kitten to keep her other cat company.

The video begins with the owner petting the ginger-and-white kitten. While meeting the new family member, a bigger tabby retreats and hisses.

The cat shaking next to a plant pot is really moving. Hernan said the kitten had been starved by his former owners.

Video caption: "We acquired a kitten to give our cat a buddy after she died. Our cat disliked him. Over a week he growled at him.



Owners should feed their new cat whatever the existing cat has lay on and vice versa to assist them get acquainted to each other's smell.

Charity added: "Your resident cat may linger outside the new cat's chamber and sniff beneath the door. Curiosity may make the cats' initial meeting a relief."

After a day, wedge the room door open so the cats can see each other.
After settling, allow the new cat out to explore. Keep the cats apart.



Introduce people thereafter. Charity said: "If feasible, introduce your new cat in a spacious enclosure. If not, have a friend or family member assist. 

While you're with your current cat, your companion should open your new cat's chamber. Reward calm kitties with a treat.

Each cat will acclimatise over time. Forcing or hurrying will make the situation more stressful and delay the settling-in process. 

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