8 Lucky Natal Chart Aspects

Many placements in the natal chart might reveal our potential and luck.Jupiter and Venus in everyone's chart provide luck.

These two benefic planets can boost our confidence, making them "lucky." Even malefic natal planets that aspect benefics are lucky.

The advantage conjunct the North Node gives us power and luck. Jupiter sets the stage for grandeur, but the native must be patient 

Jupiter conjunct North Node

This natal chart placement doubles luck. Venus in Pisces, controlled by Jupiter, makes people magnetic. Love, friendship, and self-worth come easy to them. 

Pisces Venus

Venus trine Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter can dance passionately without the turmoil of the conjunction with the trine and sextile. Venus and Jupiter make a native appealing.

Venus trine Moon

Relax and control the trine. When the conjunction is too strong, the Moon may appear unbalanced, yet it can be beneficial.

Cancer Jupiter

Lucky Jupiter in Cancer. Jupiter in Pisces and Sagittarius may be energetic, but a planet in exaltation might be the star pupil in our charts. Jupiter gives purpose.

Sun-Jupiter conjun

Jupiter and the Sun aid native pioneers. Strong and fascinating locations help locals see the bright side. Luck comes easily because they believe in themselves and work hard. 

First-house Jupiter (Sagittarius or Pisces Rising)

Jupiter in the first house brings luck. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces Risings. Jupiter's wide vitality lets the locals follow their dreams.

11th-house benefics

Jupiter and Venus in this house unleash Saturnian energy, helping the native to dream large and achieve their goals. Praise, friendships.

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