8 Beverages To Poop Right Away

Genuine ginger teas

Although black and green tea contain more caffeine than other types of tea, they may have a slight laxative effect and perhaps accelerate digestion.

Aloe vera juice

Furthermore, "it's relaxing to the stomach and might lessen gut inflammation, perhaps aiding bloating problems."



Prune juice

In situations of persistent constipation, prune juice has been shown to be an effective and all-natural treatment.

Fresh fruit juice

Constipation may be alleviated somewhat by drinking apple juice because to its high fructose level in comparison to glucose and sorbitol.

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Coffee may be most recognised for its caffeine content, but drinking coffee may also activate the digestive system to operate, helping things to naturally 'start moving

Chia fresca

The Cleveland Clinic says that the chia seed's insoluble fibre content may have a laxative impact by making stools easier to pass.



Water with lemon

A glass of lemon juice "pulls water into the GI tract and this may promote the bowel emptying process," adds Thomason.


Remember that undigested food is the root cause of constipation. Just drinking enough water will help keep things moving along in the digestive tract.

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