5 Zodiac Signs That Always Guard Their Feelings

Who hasn't checked a new lover's zodiac sign to determine whether you're compatible? Some enjoy astrology.

Aquarius Avoids Emotions

Aquarians are born January 20–February 18. Intelligent and creative, they use their emotions strategically. 

Geminis Fear Commitment

Geminis are constantly duality. Twins (May 21–June 20) are generally the party's comedians. They're sociable and like storytelling.

Scorpios Trust Slowly

Scorpios live true to their moniker. Scorpios will sting if you wrong them.

Sagittarius' Restlessness Makes Them Unpredictable

Sagittarius dates are November 22–December 21. A bow-and-arrow-wielding archer symbolizes this changeable sign. 

Capricorns Consider Vulnerability Weakness.

Capricorns (December 21–January 20) are steadfast. Earth signs labor hard and live pragmatically. Capricorns achieve goals.

Earth signs are reliable and entrenched. Call them if your car breaks down or you need a decent listener. Capricorns won't weep with you. They'll always help or listen.

Many assume Capricorns are distant and chilly. Because they hate weakness, they appear fierce. They're not naturally stoic. The goat sign is sensitive and will show you they care rather than say it.

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