5 Weight-Loss Smoothies

Evergreen Smoothie

1-cup baby spinach,cucumber, 1/2 cup Curd, 1/2 cup Mint leaves, Rock salt, pinch Jeera powder, 1/4 tsp Amla, a piece, or lemon juice, 1/2 tsp

Nutty Delight Smoothie

 1/2 cup low-fat milk, 1 cup banana, frozen, 1/2 date, chopped flax seeds, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 tsp melon seeds, 

Golden Smoothie

Grated carrot, Orange or mousambi juice, freshly squeezed with pulp, 1 cup Papaya, 1/2 cup Turmeric powder or shredded fresh haldi, 1/2 tsp Ginger, grated.

Spicy Smoothie

chopped apple, Frozen banana, 1/2 oats, 1 tbsp walnut halves, 3 almond or low-fat milk, 1 cup Chai masala, 1 tsp Cardamom powder, pinch

Smoothie Refresher

Cucumber, kiwi, green apple, coconut water, lemon juice, 1/2 tsp mint leaves, a few chia seeds, 1 tsp ice cubes, 1 cup

Smoothies aid weight loss without sacrificing taste or vitality. Due to its nutritious benefits, replacing a substantial meal with a smoothie cuts calories and satisfies longer.

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