3 Zodiac Signs Who Finally Make *New* Friends

We might discover that we prefer less dramatic, more straightforward occurrences in our lives now that the Moon is in Virgo. During the Moon in Virgo, three zodiac signs will meet new people, and their social activities will flourish.

For the most part because this transit awakens a part of us that yearns for simplicity and for things to make reason, we will be more in touch with our emotions than at other times. And when something makes sense, it's typically because we've ultimately arrived at a point where we can comprehend it.

While everyone has the choice to do this, only three signs will truly benefit from the Virgo Moon's magic; these three signs will experience new relationships, exciting plans, and the freshness that inspires. 

You are one of the friendliest signs there is, and you always welcome the prospect of meeting new friends. You'll be cautious when inviting new people over during the Virgo Moon, but not because you're afraid to make pals.



On March 5, 2023, during the Virgo Moon, you'll open your heart to someone new, and you'll find that the more you connect to this person, the more you love them. You've never let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch (girl).


Taurus, you are the most enjoyable sign to be around, so it's difficult not to want to be pals with you. You enjoy a nice party and have no issues with a straightforward get-together of people with similar interests. You'll steer clear of turmoil during the Virgo Moon and be drawn to those who enjoy a good laugh.


Unaware of how wonderful they are, you might pick up a good friend today, but if you give them the opportunity, they'll succeed beyond your wildest expectations.


Your top concern has always been your friendships. People you respect and love will be all around you. Even better, you may meet someone new in the crowd while the Moon is in Virgo, and this encounter may very well lead to something exceptional.

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