3 Zodiac Signs Switch Off Their Feelings Of Love On April

The Mars sextile Node transit, or more specifically, how the Node transit significantly influences what happens today, must be explored in order to comprehend the transit that occurs on this day, April 2023.

Every time the lunar Node, or a Node transit, occurs, we consider fate, growth, and personal evolution. We are examining how Mars energy brings about that fate when a Node is specifically in transit with Mars, such as in a Mars sextile Node.

That would entail setting limits and, most significantly, having the ability to refuse something. It's curious how we struggle to express ourselves with this simple word, particularly when it's the only one that adequately captures how we're feeling.

Sometimes it takes you a while to get the clue, but during Mars sextile Node, you'll be the one writing the script, so you'll know exactly what to do and act on it without second thought.



There is someone in your life to whom you have given every opportunity; it is sufficient. You individually don't want anything more to do with them because they continue to be the same, which is problematic and hazardous.


Because this is a Mars transit, you'll be able to sense the super-energy at play and use it to get out of something you feel is especially harmful. Having your time squandered is not something you enjoy,


And the last relationship you ever want to be in is one that takes advantage of your patience as a companion or partner.


You've always considered yourself to be a person of action; while you still have a very giving heart, you don't like to be taken advantage of. Additionally, you don't like being treated unfairly.

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