3 Zodiac Signs Have Friends Who Ignore Them On April

We might notice a strange development in our friendships on April, 2023. Due to the transit Mercury's sextile to Saturn, we can expect a strong desire for meaningful interaction with other people who share our interests.

While all of that sounds fantastic, pursuing such advanced communication may not be an option for us, leaving us to wonder where our pals are.

Even while we could think it's a cosmic joke, it really is only because we're itching to say something. It doesn't imply that our buddies will put other things on hold to listen to us out.

Sextile to Mercury Today, Saturn may give you the impression that your friends and family are ignoring you. You might be in the best mood ever on April 5, and when you're happy, you want to spread the joy.



When you feel inspired, Virgo, you want to go out and celebrate with your close friends. You have a lot on your mind. On this particular day, you want to share so many things, but all you actually want is to have fun.


The irony of today's transit, Mercury sextile Saturn, is that it motivates you to pay closer attention to and reach out to your pals to express your interest in them, their well-being, and whatever it is that brought you two together. 


Ironically, THEY won't be there to greet you because they'll be too busy with what you'll perceive as "more important plans." You'll experience some ego-burn when you begin the day with the best of intentions only to find that no one has time for you.


Mercury is typically considered to be in a great position for communicating, learning, and laying strong foundations when it is sextile Saturn. You might feel compelled to get in touch with pals today to have insightful and fruitful discussions. 

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