3 Zodiac Signs Have 'Difficult Energy' On April, 2023

Today's transit schedule is a doozy, so it might not be easy for everyone. Due to Mercury's sextile to Saturn, three zodiac signs will have challenging horoscopes. While there are many benefits to this transit, those benefits may come at a price, so to speak.

In other words, we pay with blood, sweat, and tears for all we gain from this day. Okay, so it might not be "blood," but you get the idea.

Three zodiac signs will feel constrained and agitated by the day's pace and will have no patience for how things develop today. There is a specific "process" and a certain amount of "due diligence" that must take place.

You know you can't get the quick pleasure you desire in April 2023, but that doesn't stop you from trying, Gemini. Being advised to wait and hang on is so NOT your cup of tea.



Having had your efforts thwarted, you might consider quitting up, but how can you when possibilities seem to be coming your way? This indicates that things will go your way during the Mercury sextile Saturn transit, just not at your preferred pace.


Your love of independence with the disciplined energy of Saturn can and will clash because you truly don't want to be told what to do ever. You will need to control yourself to avoid saying something hurtful to someone who is in a position to give you an outstanding opportunity while Mercury is sextile Saturn.


You can end up damaging anything for yourself because you dislike how they are conveying information to you. 


The thing that bothers you the most about today, April 5, 2023, is that you feel practically suffocated by your own self-doubt under the restricted Mercury sextile Saturn transit. It's as if you can't stop doubting yourself, which not only makes you feel horrible but also makes it difficult for you to really enjoy the wonderful news when you DO receive it.

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