3 Zodiac Signs Feel Unloved On April 8, 2023,

The thing you liked best about your long-distance relationship was that you didn't always have to be in each other's faces, which produced an air of politeness. Since you didn't have to deal with each other's "ugly" reality, your phone-only relationship started to feel like a habit.

Three zodiac signs may really go all out today and make it into a true pity party during Mercury's sextile to Mars. On Saturday, it almost feels as though we are deliberately trying to feel miserable.

To put it another way, we will sacrifice ourselves in the name of Mercury sextile Mars today since that is what will catch our attention. The only thing we believe we can contribute is our cranky temperament because we aren't bringing the nice stuff, therefore that's what we bring:

The day has come when you enter a friend's home and realize, "I didn't get all this. Why am I not here as lucky as my friend? On April 8, when Mercury squares Mars, all you can think about is how you've been treated unfairly in every way.



You show signals of envy, but instead of owning that emotion, you transform it into a self-deprecating pity party. You might even go so far as to believe that you don't deserve love and that the love boat has skipped over you because you're some sort of devil who has been forbidden from experiencing joy.


You give yourself permission to criticize yourself for an entire day every now and again. Nobody in your life feels as horrible about you as you do, so you feel like you deserve a good berating. It's time to get down and dirty with it.


You'll experience a sense of being at the center of an unloving, unforgiving universe when Mercury squares Mars.


Being one of the most intuitive or psychic signs in the zodiac doesn't necessarily imply you have all the answers; occasionally, your gut instinct might deceive you and lead you to believe that what you sense is "the truth." You can convince yourself that someone isn't as smitten with you as you might have hoped during Mercury's sextile to Mars.

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