3 Zodiac Signs Feel Unlovable

Love is the strongest force. It's undeniable. Even those who think they don't need love want it deep down. To avoid disappointment.

Sadly, the globe is a wild west with all types of individuals. Some are really kind, generous, and loving, while others are not.

1. Cancer
Cancerians are kind and home-oriented. They're sensitive and adore being around their friends.

Cancers, like another sign, struggle to adapt to Earth's harshness. Especially if they have a disciplinarian mom, a cruel aunt, or hateful siblings.

2. Aquarius
Aquarius is the zodiac's misfit. Not because Aquarians are shunned. Aquarius' laid-back, nonjudgmental vibe is usually liked. Aquarius also makes friends easily.

Aquarius privately feels unlovable, causing the outcast vibe. They worry that no one understands them or their vision.

3. Pisces
Pisces is the most sensitive and sympathetic zodiac sign. Pisceans' Earthly existence is unique and unfathomable to others.

They can sense the dejection, the pain, and the sadness of the collective, and they get influenced by it all, like a sponge. And this creates this false feeling that they are unworthy of love.

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