3 Strong Zodiac Signs

Some of us are loud and aggressive, while others are quiet and passive. A balanced world needs all sorts.

1. Leo
 When Leo decides anything, you'll never hear the end of it if you're not on their side.

2. Taurus
 Taurus resembles the Bull, the clumsy animal who destroys the china store. Though clumsy and obnoxious, they know what they want and rarely get it.

Scorpios seldom yield. You'll concede practically every conversation with your powerful Scorpio buddy because you want to leave with your thoughts intact. 

3. ScorpioStrong means overwhelming. Scorpio is the most domineering, aggressive, analytical, and judgemental sign.

4. Aries Aries definitely has the strongest personality. They are fierce commanders, powerful generals, and authoritative individuals.

Aries, the zodiac's warrior, is unwavering in their defense of ideas, people, and justice. 

They voice their opinions with grace and ease. Strong leaders.

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