2023's lucky color

Colors matter. Colors affect our psyche, mood, and thinking because we are emotional beings. Color makes the world more appealing. 

Astrology suggests using colors for each zodiac sign to increase positive energy and decrease bad energy. We can wear and decorate with 2023's lucky colors.


Red is good for Aries. This color represents your energy, fury, and purity. You're lucky in red, white, and yellow.


Tauruses prefer rose and white. Green may energize Taurus because Venus rules it and Earth is its symbolic element.


Geminis succeed with yellow and green. Colors represent success and pleasure. Because Mercury rules Gemini, the two colors above, pink, and white can be lucky for the sign.


Cancers may benefit from white, red, silver, gold, and lemon yellow. The Moon rules this constellation's natives. Cancer patients may benefit from these colors.


Orange, yellow, and red boost confidence and job success for Leos. Combining Gemini, which rules the Sun, with these hues makes Leo more bold and bright. Gold jewelry suits Leos.


The 2023 horoscope suggests Virgos thrive in life and work with blue, green, and soft yellow. Despite its basic color matching, this sign stands out in crowds.


Venus rules Libras born in 2023, so they can wear orange or white. In 2023, family and spirituality will help you overcome challenges.


Scorpios are kind despite their anger. They're sensitive or stubborn. Astrologers predict white, red, and orange will bring Scorpios luck in 2023.


Dark or orange-yellow for Sagittarius. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so green works. Sagittarius, a hopeful sign, suits blue.

Black and purple motivate Capricorns. Saturn's colors mimic these. Black teaches Capricorn patience. Black clothes and items for boys and girls. My sign is Capricorn.



Aquariuses like light blues and purples. Aquarius' Saturn. A good color will boost your career and partnerships. Lucky hues can improve your new year despite misfortune. Avoid green, Aquarius.


Because Jupiter rules Pisces, orange and yellow are good colors. 

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