2023 Zodiac Destinations

In 2023, one can use their astrology chart to choose a place. Keeping in mind that everyone's chart is different, we've compiled a list of top places for each zodiac sign.


Cape Town offers bold, confident Aries many options. Table Mountain, South Africa's diverse culture, and ocean, mountain, and wine region make this southern African city intriguing.


Taurus loves luxury, but it's touristy. Its cuisine, arts, fashion, and buildings are perfect. Taureans can afford the City of Light's hotel bars, cabaret acts, and fancy shops.


Fun-loving, social Dublin suits Gemini. Irish kindness or varied hobbies make Gemini talkative. Whiskey fans can visit Teeling Distillery or Guinness Storehouse.


Cancer and hygge share comfort, private, relaxation, and family time. Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens are fun year-round.


Leo loves L.A. "Hollywood" is now more of a mindset than the film industry's heart.


In Fiji, in the South Pacific, self-effacing, ever-thinking Virgo can relax on a sandy shore at a luxury resort.


Libra prefers organized, beautiful places. Visitors can ski Grouse Mountain or sunbathe at North America's biggest clothing-optional beach, Wreck Beach, in Vancouver.


Scorpio is obsessive, emotional, sexual, private, temperamental, moody, and loyal. Do we look Italian? Visit Sicily's San Domenico Palace like hundreds of The White Lotus fans.


Sagittarius tourists will love Wellington's intellectual, vibrant society. UNESCO's City of Film's film sites are open to tourists. 


Since the Pre-Columbian era, when Tenochtitlan was the Aztec capitol on a mountain lake, hardworking Capricorns have admired Mexico City's fruits.


Aquarius in The Rose City are autonomous, progressive, and idealistic. The Willamette River and Forest Park will energize this water sign.


Art-loving, observant Kyoto is a city for aesthetes, from the traditional, choreographed hospitality at a ryokan Japanese-style inn to the many carefully kept shrines, temples,

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