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Pizza with Pepperoni Cooked From Scratch

    Pizza with Pepperoni Cooked From Scratch

    Your cravings for a crispy crust, melty cheese, and an abundance of pepperoni will be satisfied by this homemade pizza.Pepperoni pizzas taste best when…Place some extras under the cheese!Where are the people that need shipping?Because pizza is my kids’ favorite, I know I can count on pepperoni pizza being a hit at dinnertime.
    The truth is, however, that I seldom provide pizza to my children.As a kind of self-indulgence, I sometimes order pizza for home delivery.

    For this reason, I set out to develop homemade pizza that would rival the best takeout options.Plenty of pepperoni, a tasty crust, exceptional taste, and maybe a pleasant surprise or two were required to take it to the next level.

    The Finest Pizza Crust

    Getting down to business:Be calm!Do yourself a favor and simply purchase the dough if this is your first time baking pizza at home.Grocery stores often have pizza dough, and some pizza joints will sell you a pound of dough for a few dollars.Begin with a no-knead pizza dough recipe if you’re curious in making your own pizza from scratch.

    Madeing this is a breeze, and it’s so simple that it’s nearly foolproof.

    There are two ways to get a crunchy crust.

    Although I don’t think it works as a deep dish, Chicago-style pizza, I still think there are two good baking methods for this pizza.(There are more, but let’s keep it basic.)

    Use a pizza stone:The best crust I’ve ever had was made using a pizza stone, but you’ll need one.Both a pizza stone and a pizza peel are required (the thing you use to slide the pizza onto the stone).But with just two items, you can turn your kitchen into a pizza parlor!When mastered, this technique guarantees dependable, stress-free results.I like this method because it results in a pizza with a more organic shape and allows for a crisper, thinner crust.In 12 to 14 minutes on a hot stone, a big pizza will be done.

    Use a cast iron skillet:If you don’t have a pizza stone, you may use a big cast-iron skillet instead. Press the dough out and up the edges of the pan to create a pizza.The crust will be thicker than when using a pizza stone, but it won’t reach deep-dish proportions.Two minutes over high heat on the stove will help develop a crispy crust; then continue baking in the oven.

    Another Tip for a Great Crust: A Super Hot Oven!

    Brick oven pizza places use very high temperatures in their ovens, much above what most people can achieve at home.However, the adage that a hotter oven yields a crispier, more flavorful crust continues to hold true.

    You should set the temperature of your oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, or even 550 degrees Fahrenheit if it can go that high.In order to get the pizza stone nice and hot, it should be preheated for 20 minutes before use.

    How to Make the Perfect Pepperoni Pizza

    These days, you can make pizza using just about any pepperoni you find at the supermarket.However, I find that finely sliced pepperoni gets a lovely sear on the top and hence is the best value for my money.Pepperoni slices with a greater thickness provide a more substantial bite.It all comes down to taste.When I order a pepperoni pizza, I expect at least a dozen pepperoni slices, and I’m usually disappointed when I only receive five.However, much pepperoni becomes a greasy disaster.

    The question now is, what should we do?
    Slice the pepperoni in half and spread it in a single layer underneath the sauce and cheese.The pizza takes on an incredible pepperoni taste as a result.That’s the “Bonus Pepperoni” layer, by the way!

    How to Reheat Pizza When It’s Been Refrigerated

    In no uncertain terms, do not reheat pizza in the microwave.You should eat it cold first, then reheat it in the microwave.The crust becomes mushy and disgusting in the microwave.A cast-iron pan or similar appliance is ideal for reheating pizza.Over medium heat, add a little of oil and then the pizza.Then, for three to four minutes with the lid on, cook the pizza until the cheese has melted and the dough has become crisp once more.

    Kid’s Report Card

    The kids will always eat pizza if I put it in front of them, but it was lovely to show them that homemade pizza is just as good as the delivery kind.Moreover, it was discovered that Dad cooks a mean pie.To test my children’s detective skills, I buried some pepperoni beneath the cheese and asked if they could identify the Bonus Pepperoni on the pizza.To that I say, “Absolutely, yes they could.”

    Actually, I was hoping they wouldn’t eat it so I could use their refusal as a sour note on their report card, but alas, it was a hit.Just call it pizza.Never loses, always wins.

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