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Istanbul’s Top Steakhouses: Where to Release Your Inner Stone Age Man

    Istanbul's Top Steakhouses Where to Release Your Inner Stone Age Man

    You’ve got a short trip to Turkey planned. You’re wanting a steak, and you know Turks are meat lovers. Don’t worry, some of the world’s best steakhouses can be found in Istanbul. You may eat meat roasted over an open fire and channel your inner caveman here. There is a wide variety of steakhouses in Istanbul, from classic establishments to cutting-edge eateries.

    Though the quality of Turkey’s red meat dishes is generally great, not all Istanbul eateries serve up succulent cuts of beef or lamb. For that reason, we have compiled a list of 12 of the finest steakhouses in Istanbul, all of which are committed to using only the freshest ingredients.

    Prepare the grill for some of the greatest steaks you’ve ever had.

    Here is a rundown of some of Istanbul’s finest steakhouses

    1. Restaurants in Etiler, Turkey

    Image credit: Nusr-et Steakhouse Etiler

    Because of his ability to make carnivores throughout the globe happy, the chef known as “Salt Bae” has been widely shared online. A trip to any of the Nusr-et steakhouses would be worthwhile if only to try the famous Dallas steak. If the quality of the steak doesn’t impress you, maybe the helpful staff will. Although there are more locations, no trip to Istanbul is complete without stopping by the original Salt Bae restaurant. Here is the place to make a reservation.

    2. The Elbet Steakhouse

    Image credit: Elbet Steakhouse

    Both the Levent Metro Station and Kanyon retail malls are within easy walking distance of Elbet Steakhouse. This is a must-see if you’re in the neighbourhood. Delicious salads, such as the Tulum Cheese avocado salad, are also available if steak isn’t your thing.

    In addition to the aforementioned, they also provide burgers, pasta, and meatballs (köfte). The cheesy meatballs (kaşarl köfte) and the Turkish sausage burger (sucuk burger) are to die for. Before even trying it, the aroma of the cheddar fume served as an appetiser will make you salivate. Be careful; you might develop an addiction.

    3. Atasehir, Turkey’s Beeves Steakhouse

    Image credit: Beeves Steakhouse Ataşehir

    This establishment serves a wider variety of meats than typical steaks. We’re not trying to downplay the quality of their steaks; just the opposite. Hotdogs, nachos, onion rings, and a dessert called a “Oreo lokma” are just a few of the numerous mouthwatering options available. Despite serving breakfast, this upscale restaurant really shines at night. Do come by if you’re hungry for a protein-rich pizza or a juicy steak. They provide Kobe, Angus, and dry-aged meats, so you know they care about quality.

    4. Günaydin Kasap Steak House

    Image credit: Günaydın Kasap Steak House

    Whoever thought to merge a butcher shop with one of the world’s best steak restaurants was a genius. A couple of these may be found all around the Anatolian region of Istanbul. The nut-and-cheese sujuk (fstk, ceviz & hellim peynirli sucuk) is a must-eat if you’re in the area. If chocolate souffle is more your style, they have one that is rather tasty.

    5. Beş Bçak Steakhouse

    Image credit: 5. Beş Bıçak Steakhouse

    This steakhouse is highly praised by locals as the greatest location to eat at. Everything is prepared to perfection, despite the restaurant’s remote location away from the Old City and its tourist crowds. Start with the Beş Bçak Spesiyal stiridye Mantar (oyster mushroom special) if you want to impress your dining companions.

    The lamb ‘lokum’ is the show-stopper, but the lamb chops are excellent as well. It is served with roast potatoes and spinach in a bechamel sauce. When we say everything is cooked to perfection, that includes the Cajun-seasoned fries that accompany with the burgers. Even the service is superb.

    6. Beyti

    Image credit: Beyti Restaurant

    Considering the quality of service and amenities provided, the price is reasonable. As opposed to a traditional steakhouse, this establishment serves mostly meat-based cuisine. This, however, is a favourite not just among Turks, but among people everywhere. Diners may expect to share their table with locals as well as famous figures like Nixon. This is how you know you’re receiving first-rate treatment.

    There’s a large variety of tasty dishes to choose from, but the T-bone steak is very tender and cooked to perfection. In addition to a few steaks, the “Beyti kebab” is the restaurant’s hallmark dish. The mixed special kebab (karşk) and the creamy quince pudding (Ayva tatls) are great options for people who just cannot decide. It’s a ways out of town, but well worth the trip.

    7. Azelea Florya

    Image credit: Şazeli Florya

    The Istanbul Aquarium, a scenic park, and a few of shops can all be reached on foot from this magnificent restaurant. There aren’t many kid-friendly steakhouses, but this one serves as a butcher shop, delicatessen, and restaurant all in one. They have a unique enclosure all to themselves, and the scenery of the pond is unparalleled.

    The quality of the meat dishes, however, is what really elevates this establishment. Neither too much nor too little fat was used, as seen by the glossy appearance of the lamb chops. Vegetarian “olive oil” recipes are as delicious as the meat. The little burger that’s provided is ideal for younger diners. We doubt you’ll be able to find another restaurant in all of Turkey with better service and softer-than-cotton meat.

    8. Nişantaş Virginia Angus

    Image credit: Virginia Angus Nişantaşı

    After browsing the quaint shops in the area, if you work up an appetite, you’ll see why the locals love this eatery so much. The grilled vegetables and the many appetisers make this one of the few steakhouses in Istanbul that makes an effort to accommodate vegetarians. Although the Virginia Angus burger comes highly recommended, the Fantastik Four could be a better choice. The latter serves up four distinct burgers, including the Virginia Angus Burger. The dry-aged steaks come with boiled vegetables, making them a good choice for those watching their weight. If you’re craving excellent steak, friendly service, or just delicious meals, you may have found the right place.

    9. Scarlet Steakhouse

    Image credit: Scarlet Steak House

    When you see Steak Tartar on the menu, you know the meat here is top-notch. Although it’s closer to a bistro than a traditional steakhouse, this establishment deserves a position on the itinerary of any carnivore. Dishes like the simple assado, slow-cooked for 6 hours until it almost melts in your mouth, are exquisite examples of the Portuguese/Latin American influence on the restaurant’s cuisine. The T-bone and Rib-Eye steaks here are excellent, and the Turkish red wine goes well with them. A tiramisu here may compete with Andrea Berton’s original.

    10. Uluda Et Lokantasi

    Image credit: Uludağ Et Lokantası

    Let’s say you’re interested in learning about Turkey and its people. In such case, the Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion, where the late, great Atatürk lived, would be worth a visit. When you’re done sight-seeing, you may be surprised to learn that one of the city’s finest steakhouses is conveniently located within walking distance.

    Tender steaks are a favorite among locals, but you shouldn’t miss out on other excellent traditional Turkish meat dishes like Iskender kebab. Crushed grilled eggplants in yoghurt are the “patlcan salatas” of Turkish cuisine. Because of the delicious smokey fragrance, even the dish it’s placed on smells good enough to eat. Fry up some içli köfte (qibblah, crispy bulgur on the exterior, delicious minced beef on the inside) and enjoy them as an appetiser with your vodka. This restaurant has stunning scenery, making it ideal for a date.

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