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Birth Month Flowers: What Is My Birth Flower?

    Do you recognize the flowers associated with your birth month? Every month has a birth flower in addition to jewels; in fact, many months have two! The main and secondary birth flowers for the months of January through December are listed below.

    Like birthstones, birth blossoms have been popular for many years. The flower chosen for each month typically corresponds to the season in which it blooms; many flowers also have historical cultural or religious connotations. The hawthorn, for instance, was referred to as Mary’s Blossom of May.

    Birth flowers are a wonderful way to commemorate any event in modern life, from birthdays to weddings to funerals. For instance, a basic bouquet of flowers from the recipient’s birth month makes a gift that you are having trouble finding more thoughtful. Additionally, our users have incorporated flowers into unique birth-month necklaces, tattoos, cards, and even kitchen tiles for the family home!

    Why Are There Two Birth Flowers Per Month?

    Some months have two birth blossoms, as you’ll see. Not all cultures concur on which flowers belong in which months, and some flowers are just less common in certain places. When there is a secondary flower, it is mentioned after the primary flower that is the most customary. Explore the birth month flower sections by clicking on the links below.

    The Birth Month FlowersJanuary ~ Carnation & Snowdrop

    January’s primary birth flower is the carnation and the secondary flower is the snowdrop. 

    February ~ Violet & Primrose

    The violet is the secondary flower for February and the primrose is the main flower.

    March ~ Daffodil & Jonquil

    The March birth flower is daffodil the or referred to as the jonquil (which is simply a type of daffodil). 

    April ~ Daisy & Sweet Pea

    The daisy is the main flower for April, and the sweet pea is the secondary flower.

    May ~ Lily of the Valley & Hawthorn

    Hawthorn and lily of the valley are the birth blossoms for May.

    June ~ Rose & Honeysuckle

    The rose is the birth flower for June, and honeysuckle is the secondary bloom.

    Larkspur and water lilies in July

    Larkspur is the main flower for people born in July, and water lilies are the secondary flower. Visit our July Birth Flower website to learn more!

    The water lily, the birth symbol for July

    Gladiolus & Poppy for August

    Gladiolus and poppies are the main and secondary flowers for the month of August, respectively. Visit our August Birth Flower website to learn more!

    Aster and Morning Glory, September

    The aster and morning glory are the main and secondary flowers for September. Visit our September Birth Flower website to learn more!

    October: Cosmos and Marigold

    The marigold is the main flower for October births, and the cosmos is the secondary flower.

    Chrysanthemum for November

    Chrysanthemums are the birth symbol for November. Visit our November Birth Flower website to learn more!

    The chrysanthemum, the birth symbol for November

    Holly and Narcissus for December

    The narcissus, particularly the paperwhite variety, is the traditional birth flower for December. The holly, which has tiny white berries that turn into the bright scarlet ones we associate with the holiday season, is the secondary flower for the month.